Rovo89 has already brought Xposed Framework to Android Oreo

Jesse Han   2018.01.26 7:16   Jesse Han  

You know, the developer Rovo89 has recently brings a new beta version of Xposed Framework, the new v90 beta is for the Android Oreo users.

This version of Xposed is already for everyday use although this Xposed for Android Oreo is a test version. The original developer has confirmed that it has not particular problems on Google Pixel. However, you know, it is a beta version, getting problems is a normal.

Xposed Framework Download Directly

  • (Android 8.0)
  • (Android 8.1)

Please note that you need to know your processor architecture of your device, such as ARM, ARM64 and X86.

The installation of Xposed Framework is very simple, just flash ZIP package you downloaded via a custom recovery mode. Of course, root permission is a base.

If you want to uninstall it, similarly, please flash ZIP package of uninstallation. Of course, please take care to get the version corresponding to the processor architecture of your device.

Xposed uninstallation package Download Directly

  • xposed-uninstaller-date