What is customization number or CDA for Sony Xperia device? and how to view or find it?

Jesse Han   2015.01.07 5:18   Jesse Han  

If you are a Sony Xperia user, you should know that Sony firmware updates do not always roll out in every country in the same time. Even so, we can change the customization number to get the latest official update.

So, what is customization number for the Sony Xperia device? And how can I view it in my Xperia device?

What is Sony Customization Number

Customization Number, or Cust. No. for short. Otherwise known as SI Regional Codes and CDA country code. The format of customization number is XXXX-XXXX or XXXX-XXXX-RXX.  

As mentioned, we can get the latest firmware update by changing the customization number. In this regard, I thought that the Customization Number is the country or carrier customization version.

How to view or check Sony Customization Number

  • Open the dialer
  • Enter *#*#7378423#*#* to open Service pageSony.Cust.No.Dialer
  • Tap Service info Sony.Xperia.Service.Menu
  • Tap Software info Sony.Xperia.Service.info.Menu
  • Look at Customization VersionSony.Xperia.Software.info.Menu

That’s almost all.

OK, go! you can now find the latest firmware with your customization number.