Use the web version of Google Allo on your computer

Jesse Han   2017.08.16 4:27   Jesse Han  

Google has now made the chat app Allo available for web browser of desktop computer. In other words, we can now directly use Google Allo on our computer.

We waited for a long time, but Allo for web is finally arrived. Is it too late? Possibly. But if you’re using the Google Allo, this is a very handy way to continue your conversations on you computer.

However, make sure you have Google Chrome browser installed on your computer, on this Allo for web is currently not compatible with the other web browser. You also should know that this new function is not available for the mobile version of web browser. Also, you need an Android device and have the latest Google Allo app installed on it, similarly, so far All for web is not available for iPhone users. According to the Google, iPhone coming soon.

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Use Allo for web

  • Open Google Chrome browser on your computerGoogle.Chrome
  • Please go to Allo for web siteAllo.for.web
  • Open Google Allo app on your Android device
  • From Google Allo app, go to main
  • Tap on Allo for web
  • Scan QR code appeared on Chrome web browser with your Android device
  • You are now using Allo for webAllo.for.web.loginto

Once you are in Allo for web, you will see all of your conversations in the web browser.

The connection between Google Allo app and web browser is very important. It’s not a time-continuing operation. Your Allo for web and mobile app of Google Allo are linked, that’s mean, if you power off your mobile device, then Allo for web will not work.