(APP Download) Haven makes your Android phone more safer

Jesse Han   2017.12.25 5:20   Jesse Han  

National Security Agency (NSA) whistleblower Edward Snowden give you a new app called Haven to make your Android phone more safer.

After installing the Haven, the different sensors will be used to monitor the space for you. The app keeps track of what happens in different ways. The sensors are used to detect changers in motion, sound, vibration and light. For this purpose, camera, microphone and accelerometer are used.

As soon as something is registered, an image or audio is saved on the device, you can then get a notification through a private messenger app like Signal. Of course, the data is not stored in the cloud or sent via an insecure messaging app.

The app is useful to some special situations, for example, you have leaved an Android device in a room, but you do not completely trust the situation and still want a safe feeling.

The Haven is now live in Google’s digital store, it is currently a beta version. And you can download it if you need.

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Actually, the Haven is officially made for investigative journalists and protectors of human rights, among other things.