The latest v25.0.3 ADB and Fastboot platform tools available for Windows, Mac and Linux

Jesse Han   2017.01.11 8:59   Jesse Han  

If you have ever used Android SDK, if you’ve used it for even an hour, you understand what ADB does. Of that, there is no doubt, right?

Well, ADB is a set of super tools which generally includes ADB, Fastboot, etc1tool, hprof-conv and sqlite3, especially for those people who like flashing. Google had been integrating ADB tools on its Android SDK for a long time. And now, the company made a change.

The latest ADB platform tools (Version 25.0.3) has been released singly for the three major platforms. In other words, whatever system you’re using, so long as it is Windows, macOS or Linux, you can directly get separate ADB platform tools from Google.

If you like custom Rom, if you like to unlock bootloader such as unlock Nexus’s bootloader, the ADB toolkit is essential. You can download it from here if you need it.

ADB Platform Tools 25.0.3 Download Directly

Unzip the above file, you can get three ZIP file, and for Windows, macOS and Linux platform separately, then please select according to your need.