Low-RAM package brings advantages of Android Go to low end and older devices

Jesse Han   2018.01.24 5:48   Jesse Han  

As a special version of Android Oreo, Android Go is optimized for low end devices and targeted to emerging markets.

In popular XDA-Developers forum, some developers have already examined the benefits from Android Go, its advantages will be brought to low end and older devices through custom ROMs. These devices will get greater longevity.

In fact, Android brings significant advantages in the management of memory. That’s precisely what those devices don’t want you to care.

If you want to get benefits from the speed of Android Go without having to change the ROM, an interesting package called Low-RAM Property Patcher developed by recognized developer AdrianDC is now available for you. The modification basically does everything, but you may need a Android 8.1 Oreo device. However, according to the original developer, because the Low-RAM property was introduced since Android 4.4 KitKat, the modification should also work on other Android versions.

So if you have a Android device, and you have already installed a custom Android 8.1 ROM, then you can get almost all the optimizations form Android Go without flashing a complete Android Go firmware. Then, you know, your entry-level device will get new life.

All you have to do is just flash the ZIP of Low-RAM Property Patcher from custom recovery.

Low-RAM Download Directly

  • android_lowram_[enabler/disabler].zip

Once you have flashed it, in addition to the changes under the hood, there are some clearly visible changes, such as the recent app menu becomes flat, the high-end graphics is disabled, the multi-window is missed, notification icons is changed and much more.