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(APP Download) You can now apply new GIF stickers on your Instagram

As you know, the edit functions of Instagram have been very rich, you can make create photos and videos. However, if it is not enough for you, you have now another weapon at your gallery social service. From now on, the new GIF stickers can be applied to your Instagram. That’s mean that you can […]

Date:2018.01.24 | Author: Jesse Han | Cats: Android, Apps, Facebook, iOS | Tags: , , , , , ,

(APP Download) Let’s talk about the redesigned YouTube

As we all know, YouTube is a platform, it is one of the best known and most popular video band in the world, where you can find billions of all kinds of videos. Also, you can enjoy movies in SD, HD, 4K, even 3d or 360-degree VR video. And of course, the Mountain View giant […]

Date:2017.09.04 | Author: Jesse Han | Cats: Android, Apps, Google, iOS | Tags: , , , ,

The better you can use Google Chromecast

Obviously, the Google Chromecast is still one of the best ways to get all kinds of multimedia on you TV. In this article, we want to talk about the using of this gadget. You know, Google Chromecast is very popular. The device is easy to set up and it is relatively inexpensive and supports many […]

Date:2017.07.28 | Author: Jesse Han | Cats: Android, Google, How To | Tags: , , , , ,

(APK Download) Enjoy OnePlus 5 camera app on other OnePlus models like 3, 3T, even Huawei, Samsung and many others

OnePlus 5 has been proven to be the maturated smartphone, although it received some criticism because of some small hardware bugs such as unnormal display. The latest phone has managed to improve the predecessor OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T where it was needed. But you know, what has not changed from the ancestor OnePlus 1 […]

Date:2017.07.18 | Author: Jesse Han | Cats: Android, Apps, OnePlus | Tags: , , , , , ,

(App Download) New version of Instagram introduces direct responding to stories with photos, videos or Boomerang

For those who often use Instagram, there is a great news for you, because Instagram has recently got a new update and you can now directly respond to the stories of your friends with photos, videos or Boomerang. The new icon will appears in the lower left corner when you view a story, and once […]

Date:2017.07.07 | Author: Jesse Han | Cats: Android, Apps, Facebook, iOS | Tags: , , , , , , ,

(App Download) Mobile streaming function arriving on Twitch app

Twitch, Amazon’s popular streaming app for video games. The app has just got a big update for Android and iOS users. There are so many new things starting from the interface to new features. For the streamers, you will get the most desired function, that is mobile streaming. That’s mean that the broadcasters can now […]

Date:2017.06.30 | Author: Jesse Han | Cats: Amazon, Android, Apps, iOS | Tags: , , , ,

Download Instagram videos to computer, smartphone and tablet with direct URL

While there is no way to directly save Instagram photos from your smartphone or tablet, the same can not be said of the video. In fact, there is a very common method to directly download any video from Instagram to your computer, smartphone or tablet. And, you don’t need any special tools such as IFTTT […]

Date:2017.06.23 | Author: Jesse Han | Cats: Apps, Facebook, How To | Tags: , , , , , ,

Save and download photos and videos from Instagram by using IFTTT and Dropbox

Instagram, an innovative and simple photo-sharing social tool that allows you to snap pictures and easily post them to other social network like Facebook. In Instagram, photos and videos dominate the scene. If you are browsing some one Instagram page, then you have wondered whether we can download photos and videos from this photo-sharing social […]

Date:2017.06.15 | Author: Jesse Han | Cats: Apps, Facebook, How To | Tags: , , , , , , , , ,