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(APP Download) BetterBatteryStats now supports unrooted device with ADB commands

BetterBatteryStats has recently been updated to the new version number 2.3, it introduced a really important improvement, that is which will fully support unrooted devices with a preliminary configuration that uses simple ADB commands listed on the app’s play store page. For those who don’t know BetterBatteryStats, it is actually a super instrument. With it, […]

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Low-RAM package brings advantages of Android Go to low end and older devices

As a special version of Android Oreo, Android Go is optimized for low end devices and targeted to emerging markets. In popular XDA-Developers forum, some developers have already examined the benefits from Android Go, its advantages will be brought to low end and older devices through custom ROMs. These devices will get greater longevity. In […]

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Android Go coming for emerging markets

As we all know, Android is the most popular mobile operating system in the world. Despite Google get very large market shares, the giant hopes to grown much more in the coming years. That is why the company focuses heavily on emerging markets like India where smartphones are still too expensive for many people. The […]

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(APP Download) Google Files Go file manager now available on Play store

As we all know, almost every Android device has a standard file manager app. It is generally an app that you manage file. Now, Google offers a new file manager app called Files Go. With Files Go, Google hopes to provide insight into file extensions. After open the app, you will not see the familiar […]

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(APP Download) Optimize you Android phone with KillApps

If you have already tried similar alternatives, you will not be confused by opening KillApps. In the main screen, you will find the percentage of occupied RAM, the number of applications currently running and a free memory count. So, as you may know, KillApps is such an optimization app, close the running apps, free up […]

Date:2017.12.05 | Author: Jesse Han | Cats: Android, Apps | Tags: , , , ,

Quickly free up storage space on your Android device

I know that you can get many skills to free up storage space on your Android phone from the wider internet. However, I’d still like to discuss what tips are simplest used in increasing capacity. Let’s take a scenario in which you want to install a great game but space is not enough. I firmly […]

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