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Android 8.1 provides a convenient feature for restoring data

Android 8.1 is not a big update, but it is obviously the first major Android Oreo update. According to the some users, the new Android version introduces a convenient feature for restoring backups. In some situations, this is a very useful feature. Especially for users who frequently switch devices, or reset device to factory state. […]

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Fix the problem with an endless reboot for Nexus 6P

According to the some Nexus 6P users, they have experienced technical problems with the device since last year. This is actually a boot loop bug. In particular, the device is suddenly and inexplicably stuck in an infinite loop, or called an endless reboot, which actually makes Nexus 6P unusable. You know, Nexus 6P entering the […]

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Forcedly restart or reboot your Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8 Plus

Previously, we could remove and remount the battery for rebooting it when our Samsung phone was crashed or unresponsive, but for the latest flagships Galaxy S8 series, we can’t do it since the battery is not removable. Fortunately, there is a special button combination for helping you forcedly reboot your Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+ […]

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Force power off, restart or reset your Sony SmartWatch 3

What? Your Sony SmartWatch 3 delays running? Hey! Don’t worry. With a restart or reset, you may be able to settle all points. When you perform a restart, your data don’t get deleted. But if you reset your SmartWatch 3, you will delete all personal data. Restart Sony SmartWatch 3 From the Settings menu Go […]

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How to force power off or restart HTC One M9?

Sometimes, your HTC One M9 has not respond when you touch the screen or press the keys, you do not want to perform a factory reset, you just want to restart or power off your phone. But there is no any response to any press, what do we do? Oh, don’t worry about it. We […]

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