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(App Download) Pokémon GO gives you new Christmas toys

You know, Christmas is just around the corner. So you have start your holiday shopping? Niantic is now starting to take a new Pokémon GO festive event. Definitely, it’s easy to understand, that’s all about Christmas and the winter season. From now on and until the 25th December, all the players of the famous mobile […]

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(App Download) Pokémon GO is celebrating its first birthday

It’s been a year since the Pokémon GO was first playable, during July 2016. First only in New Zealand, then more and more countries. Maybe you have already forgotten what it was like for the first time to start the AR game. Maybe you have heard from someone that the Pikachu can be caught and […]

Date:2017.07.07 | Author: Jesse Han | Cats: Android, Apps, iOS | Tags: , , , ,

(App Download) Niantic brings a lot of new features such as playing raids to Pokémon GO

There is a fact that many players complain that the Niantic is pretty slow in adding new features to the Pokémon GO. Those players should now be glad, because the Japan game giant are ever ready to bring the biggest update to the augmented reality game.  There are a lot of new features, such as […]

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(APP Download) It’s time to celebrate Pokémon GO’s first anniversary

The AR game Pokémon GO soon has been around for a year. To celebrate this monster hunting game, the Niantic and the Pokémon company have officially announced they will bring their celebration activities, they called The Pokémon GO Fest. The Pokémon GO, which the game behemoth launched last summer, has already got off to an […]

Date:2017.06.10 | Author: Jesse Han | Cats: Android, Apps, iOS | Tags: , , ,

New Pokémon game Pokéland is being tested

According to the Kotaku, the Pokémon Company is working on a new Pokémon game for the Android and iOS devices. The new game will probably be called Pokéland. There is currently a tender for up to 10000 people in Japan, who can register for testing, however, the testing is not supported for iOS devices. Yeah, […]

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(APK Download) Pokémon GO has new celebration on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is coming up, and why not show that special game just how much you adore it by playing it? Well, the Pokémon GO game will gives special celebration for you. Play the Pokémon GO game on Valentine’s Day? Yeah, the Pokémon GO team tell you, that’s a good idea. On that day of […]

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