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Google Play services in November security update make battery life worse

According to Reddit, some Android users complain about a reduced battery life of their Google phone since the November Android security patches is got. Technologically, users have noticed that the new Google Play services in the November security update have been stressed for the battery. The app specifically requests extra power when connected to a […]

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We should keep Google Play services up-to-date on Android devices

The updating of Google Play services is usually an automatic procedure that does not require user intervention. The hidden package is actually managed in the background by Google. Of course, we can update Google Play services independently, and sometimes we need to do that. Why we need Google Play services? The reason for this is […]

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Excluding apps that don’t pass SafetyNet from Google Play now available for developers

A few days ago, there was the fact you may wondered, the Netflix app is no longer available for devices with root permissions in the Google Play. It’s such the kind of thing you don’t find the Netflix app from Google Play if your Android device is rooted. Actually, if you install the Netflix app […]

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(APK Download) Google Play Services v7.8.92 is available

There is a new Google Play Services application, it comes with version number 7.8.92. In fact, Google has not officially push this update yet. Of course, it should soon be. And if you want the latest Play Services v7.8.92 right now, you can download single APK file from below link. About Google Play Services v7.8.92 […]

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Google Play Services v7.0.86 APK download

Google has updated its basic GMS application Google Play Services to new version number 7.0.86. Updates New scurity code generator, this simple tool has been moved from the overflow menu to the Security settings screen New Smart Lock item named Trusted voice New APIs, such as Places, Location Settings, Mobile Ads and Analytics, and more […]

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Check the version type of Google Play services for your Android device

There are many version types of the Google Play services for different types of Android devices. So you must only install a correct version type. You generally only have to install a version with a three-digit numbers matching your the version of Google Play services. To install a matched Google Play services, obviously you need […]

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Google Play Services v6.1.05 has been released

Google Play Services application has been updated to version 6.1.05 recently. Updates Google Settings application has a new header Google Play Games has a new dialog for switching your personal file from public to hidden An improvement for Enhanced Ecommerce analytics  New Google Fit’s developer preview APKs Download Directly Google Play Services 6.1.05 (1438406-038).rar Unzip, […]

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Google Play Services gets updated to version 5.0.77

We have a major upgrade to Google Play Services. Today’s update brings Play Services to new version 5.0.77, it’s up from version 4.4.52 from mid May. Google Play Services v5.0.77 brings a lot of new features, such as Android Wear support and new App Indexing API and so on.  Details from Google’s official blog are […]

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