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(APK Download) Enjoy Pixel 2 camera options on other Android Oreo devices

As many of us know, Google Pixel 2 has one of the best smartphone cameras, that’s because the phone not only has a good camera sensor, but also software improvements from the Mountain View. The algorithms of the search giant automatically polish a photo to make it as beautiful as possible. Actually, the improvements of […]

Enable Google Lens in Google Assistant on your Android phone

Google unveiled the spiritual successor Google Lens during their I/O conference this year. For those who have never heard of it, it will be a service that can take advantage of Google’s huge knowledge base. With Google Lens, we can simply get information about every type by framing them through the camera of your Android […]

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Change camera storage to SD card on Android device

You know, when we use camera, our Android devices often store images that our capture automatically in the internal memory. It will makes our storage space draining. However, actually, we can change camera storage to memory card. We can manually set up camera storage from internal memory to SD card. Then when you take the […]

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Restore the backup function during charging for your Google Photos

Google Photos is one of the most appreciated services on your Android device, because you know, it allows you to completely save your library of photos and videos on the cloud. The service is unlimited and free of charge. Google certainly knows that its users love the service and constantly working to improve the function. […]

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(APK Download) Enjoy exclusive Google Camera with HDR+ of Google Pixel on other devices powered by Snapdragon 820, 821 and 835

The Google Pixel and Pixel XL, the both phones are the first true Android smartphones entirely designed by Google. The Mountain View has presented them just under a year ago. The both phones have an absolute level of experience in the photographic field. At this point, so far the very excellent Google Camera with HDR+ […]

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(App Download) Handy backup function for Google Photos has been removed

For a long time, when we use Google Photos app, we are able to manually back up and synchronize the photos of your device. However, the backup function has been removed in the latest version of the app. Why does Google do that? The Mountain View giant remains silent while users are not happy. For […]

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The cutting edge Google technology: the Visual Search looks terrific

The XDA community has exclusively managed to enable the Google Visual Search function. This is actually a concept function, in other words, it is a cutting edge technology from Google. Anyway, we have now a first look at the interface and the functionality. What is the visual Search? Simply put, the ability to search through […]

Android O Developer Preview 3 gives you a better camera, especially for switching and zooming

The third Developer Preview of Android O brings important improvements for the developers and a bunch of adjustments for the users. Actually, there is more hidden changes in this latest preview update. Google has brought some minor improvements for the Camera through the DP3 update of Android O, you will thus can get added convenience. […]

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