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New all in one tool ADB & Fastboot Sauce carries various computer operations for your Android device

A new Android ADB tool called ADB & Fastboot Sauce has been released on XDA forum, which brings various functions in form of PC operations for using ADB and Fastboot on your Android device. The ADB & Fastboot Sauce is essentially a windows-based tool that allows you to execute a operation by entering a item […]

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How to manually update your Asus mobile device with the stock ZIP firmware package

When Asus start to a new update for its mobile device such as ZenFone smartphone and Transformer tablet series, they often officially provide the full firmware package as appropriate for flashing manually, too. In fact, it’s good to know that Asus was not the only exhibitor providing stock firmware package, such as LG’s KDZ firmware […]

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(APK Download) HiCare helps you more timely to receive official update notification on your Huawei device

For title, at first glance, you might think HiCare is the same as Firmware Finder. Actually, they are different. Because as an official customer assistance service application, HiCare features more extensive and efficient functions than the individual Firmware Finder developed by third-party developer. With HiCare, we can find the addresses and number of local service […]

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You can use the official B07 firmware to fix bricked ZTE Axon 7 A2017U and A2017

If you brick your ZTE Axon 7 for some reason, then don’t worry because there is a solution for you, of course, at this point I’m assuming there’s nothing wrong with Axon 7 hardware per se. You know, if there is a hardware problem, then sorry, you can consider RMA (Return Material Authorization) or call […]

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Create flashable ZIP file with Android Flashable Zip Creator

When you want to enjoy some cool modification on your Android phone you often have to find the relevant ZIP package. While we spare no efforts and never feel wearying, you will always waste some time. Then, whether we should ever create own ZIP package? Thanks XDA senior member Nikhil, you can now simply create […]

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The latest v25.0.3 ADB and Fastboot platform tools available for Windows, Mac and Linux

If you have ever used Android SDK, if you’ve used it for even an hour, you understand what ADB does. Of that, there is no doubt, right? Well, ADB is a set of super tools which generally includes ADB, Fastboot, etc1tool, hprof-conv and sqlite3, especially for those people who like flashing. Google had been integrating […]

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(APK Download) Super flasher FlashFire v0.54 prerelease now available

We all have exclaimed when it comes to FlashFire developed by senior developer Chainfire. Super root manager SuperSU, which has been updated to v2.79 SR2, also developed by this developer. It is no exaggeration to say that FlashFire is a super firmware flasher for Android devices. Given the deep modification involved, you need have root […]

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Easily make LGUP worked for your LG device by using UPPERCUT

Most LG Android users know that LGUP is a excellent tool for flashing LG official firmware like KDZ and TOT package. However, sometimes, LGUP cannot identify our LG device or invariably encounter some problems, frustratingly, it has a higher probability. Now, to get a better sense of LGUP, XDA recognized contributor autoprime developed an instant […]

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