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The latest v25.0.3 ADB and Fastboot platform tools available for Windows, Mac and Linux

If you have ever used Android SDK, if you’ve used it for even an hour, you understand what ADB does. Of that, there is no doubt, right? Well, ADB is a set of super tools which generally includes ADB, Fastboot, etc1tool, hprof-conv and sqlite3, especially for those people who like flashing. Google had been integrating […]

Date:2017.01.11 | Author: Jesse Han | Cats: Android, Google, What Is | Tags: , , , , ,

(APK Download) Super flasher FlashFire v0.54 prerelease now available

We all have exclaimed when it comes to FlashFire developed by senior developer Chainfire. Super root manager SuperSU, which has been updated to v2.79 SR2, also developed by this developer. It is no exaggeration to say that FlashFire is a super firmware flasher for Android devices. Given the deep modification involved, you need have root […]

Date:2017.01.05 | Author: Jesse Han | Cats: Android, Apps | Tags: , , ,

Easily make LGUP worked for your LG device by using UPPERCUT

Most LG Android users know that LGUP is a excellent tool for flashing LG official firmware like KDZ and TOT package. However, sometimes, LGUP cannot identify our LG device or invariably encounter some problems, frustratingly, it has a higher probability. Now, to get a better sense of LGUP, XDA recognized contributor autoprime developed an instant […]

Date:2016.12.27 | Author: Jesse Han | Cats: Android, How To, LG | Tags: , , , ,

Sony Mobile Flasher (Xperia Flashtool) V0.9.23.0 supports Android 7.X Nougat FTF

Sony Mobile Flasher, or called it as Xperia Flashtool, it was by far the most popular flash tool for Sony Xperia devices developed by third-party developer Androxyde. Today, Androxyde has released the latest Sony Mobile Flasher v0.9.23.0, and mainly brings support for flashing for FTF firmware file of Android 7.X Nougat. In other words, you […]

Date:2016.12.22 | Author: Jesse Han | Cats: Sony, What Is | Tags: , ,

OnePlus 3T ToolKit help you unlock bootloader, flash TWRP, get rooting, backup system

As an Android user, we always like to find some modding tools. OnePlus 3T users are no exception. Very well, then, thanks XDA member ahmedradaideh, an all-in-one toolkit is now available for you. The tool is called OnePlus 3T ToolKit, it can help you flash TWRP Recovery and stock Recovery to your OnePlus 3T. You […]

Date:2016.12.20 | Author: Jesse Han | Cats: Android, OnePlus, What Is | Tags: , , , , , , , ,

(APK Download) Team Win released an official TWRP applicaiton

If you like to experiment on your Android phone, such flash a custom Rom, install a custom mod, etc. Then, you surely know that TWRP Recovery is an immensely popular mod tool. And today, the original development team of TWRP Recovery has officially released a TWRP application. With this official TWRP application, you can be […]

Date:2016.12.17 | Author: Jesse Han | Cats: Android, Apps, Recovery | Tags: , , ,

Officially download LG KDZ CAB TOT firmware by using Xtreme Download Manager

In most cases, we can get the full firmware packets of LG devices from LG official firmware server. But you know, now download was invalid for some reason. We talked about a proven solution yesterday, if you read it, you should know that it is accomplished by setting a LGE user agent called LGE-ActiveDP/0.9.    And […]

Date:2016.12.13 | Author: Jesse Han | Cats: Firmwares, How To, LG | Tags: , , , , , ,

Fix download failed or only blank page for official LG KDZ CAB TOT firmware by setting LGE ActiveDP 0.9

Did you to download the official KDZ, TOT or CAB firmware from LG’s firmware server these days, if you did that, then chances are that you will be depressed. Why is the case this? As you might have guessed, it’s not that easy, actually you will not be able to officially download the firmware. The […]

Date:2016.12.12 | Author: Jesse Han | Cats: Firmwares, How To, LG | Tags: , , , , , , ,