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New all in one tool ADB & Fastboot Sauce carries various computer operations for your Android device

A new Android ADB tool called ADB & Fastboot Sauce has been released on XDA forum, which brings various functions in form of PC operations for using ADB and Fastboot on your Android device. The ADB & Fastboot Sauce is essentially a windows-based tool that allows you to execute a operation by entering a item […]

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Officially unlock bootloader for Xiaomi or Mi devices

For some Xiaomi devices, such as Mi 5, Mi Note Pro, Mi 4S, Redmi Note 3, their bootloader were locked. At this point, if you want to deeply customize your Mi device, then it is not so easy. And yet for all that, we can think about beauty itself, because the Xiaomi company has provided […]

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TOOL ALL IN ONE help you unlock bootloader, install TWRP Recovery, flash system image for Zuk Z1, Z2, Nexus 4, 5, 6, OnePlus 1, 2 ,3

There is no doubt that we like the fact that everything is all in one toolkit. Now, we would like to talk about such a tool called TOOL ALL IN ONE developed by XDA senior member mauronofrio. It was TOOL ALL IN ONE, as it was called, the all-in-one toolset, that had the greatest appeal. […]

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Enjoy Google Pixel boot animation on your Samsung device with QHD 2560×1440 screen

Do you want to decorate a fresh boot animation from Google Pixel on you Samsung device? If your screen of Samsung device is QHD in 2560×1440 pixels, then extend my warm congratulations to you, you can get it. Thanks XDA senior member CrsMthw, a fully stock boot animation of Google Pixel is now available for […]

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OnePlus 3T ToolKit help you unlock bootloader, flash TWRP, get rooting, backup system

As an Android user, we always like to find some modding tools. OnePlus 3T users are no exception. Very well, then, thanks XDA member ahmedradaideh, an all-in-one toolkit is now available for you. The tool is called OnePlus 3T ToolKit, it can help you flash TWRP Recovery and stock Recovery to your OnePlus 3T. You […]

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Huawei Android device unlock bootloader officially

If you want to flash a custom Rom or other deep customization on your Android device, then in most cases, unlock bootloader is needed since it will make you able to control your device fully and you will get lots of new features. Actually, the bootloader unlocking of Android devices is easier to do these […]

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Unlock bootloader for your Google Nexus device

If you have a Google Nexus device, or a Google Play edition device, or an Android One device, it’s a good possibility that you’ll like to do one thing. You may already know what I mean. Yep, unlock the bootloader. So, why do I need to unlock the bootloader of my Nexus device? The main […]

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Enable OEM unlock on your Android 5.0 or higher device

Google has started using a new OEM unlock option Android 5.0 Lollipop. What kind of option is it? The OEM unlock or OEM unlocking, which is a security option, that help protect bootloader unlocking of Android device. That just means you can unlock bootloader of your Android device only when the OEM unlock option is […]

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