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(APP Download) BetterBatteryStats now supports unrooted device with ADB commands

BetterBatteryStats has recently been updated to the new version number 2.3, it introduced a really important improvement, that is which will fully support unrooted devices with a preliminary configuration that uses simple ADB commands listed on the app’s play store page. For those who don’t know BetterBatteryStats, it is actually a super instrument. With it, […]

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FWUL is now perfect and you can use fastboot easily

There is a fact that communicating an Android device with a Windows computer is not always easy, you know, that’s because we always need to juggle between drivers, adb, fastboot and the more you put it. A Linux distro, however, might rush to your trouble. steadfasterX, a senior member from xda community, has long been […]

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New all in one tool ADB & Fastboot Sauce carries various computer operations for your Android device

A new Android ADB tool called ADB & Fastboot Sauce has been released on XDA forum, which brings various functions in form of PC operations for using ADB and Fastboot on your Android device. The ADB & Fastboot Sauce is essentially a windows-based tool that allows you to execute a operation by entering a item […]

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The latest v25.0.3 ADB and Fastboot platform tools available for Windows, Mac and Linux

If you have ever used Android SDK, if you’ve used it for even an hour, you understand what ADB does. Of that, there is no doubt, right? Well, ADB is a set of super tools which generally includes ADB, Fastboot, etc1tool, hprof-conv and sqlite3, especially for those people who like flashing. Google had been integrating […]

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(Factory Image Download) Cyanogen released full ZNH0EAS2JK Cyanogen OS 13.0.1 Android 6.0.1 firmware package for OnePlus One

OnePlus One owners got the latest Cyanogen OS 13 Android 6.0 Marshmallow update nearly a month ago: (OTA ZIP Download) OnePlus One receiving ZNH0EAS26M CM13 Android 6.0 Marshmallow update The update was rolling out via the OTA. And, if nothing else, you should have got it. However, if you have not yet received it, you […]

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Enable Developer options, ADB debugging and Debug over Bluetooth on Android Wear

The same as your Android smart phone or tablet, there is also Developer options which includes USB Debugging feature on your Android Wear device. And all of these options are also off by default. So if you use it, make it available first, it’s just like we need to enable USB Debugging on our own […]

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How to simply setup or use ADB on Windows, Mac and Linux?

The ADB is very important in Android. This is known to all. So, how we should simply setup or use it? Let us study together. Of course, you should install the correct drivers for your Android device first, such as Samsung USB Drivers, Sony USB Drivers and so on. Setup or use ADB on Windows […]

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What is the ADB on Android?

In Android, you can sync, flash and transfer data from computer by using ADB. Now, you may get a question: for a sync with different devices, what is the ADB? ADB, its full form is Android Debug Bridge. It’s a part of the Android Software Development Kit (Android SDK for short). ADB, to say it […]

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