(System Dump Download) LG V20 F800L Android 7.0 Nougat V09G stock firmware

Jesse Han   2016.09.13 7:27   Jesse Han  

The LG V20 has emerged as a latest flagship from LG lately, do you know?

Now, thanks XDA recognized developer xpirt, the first official firmware from the Korean variant F800L of the LG V20 has also landed in the Internet. Strictly speaking, it is not a normal software update since it is actually a official System Dump. But any way, it is a stock firmware version.

The firmware of the System Dump comes with the Android 7.0 Nougat version with the build NRD90M which released to Nexus devices by Google first at the end of August. However, as you may know that the NRD90M is not the latest Android 7.0 build, because Google has already released the build NRD90R, NRD90S and NRD90U to some Nexus devices just a few days ago.

For LG its own build, according to the original developer, it is V09G. By the way, the firmware integrates the latest Android security patch level on September.


System Dumps Download Directly

  • V20_F800L_v09g_7.0_xpirt.zip

While this is a pure stock firmware, but kindly note that it is not a flashable ZIP or KDZ file. On this point, it is mainly for Android developers.

Thanks xpirt