Disable OK Google to make Android Wear 2.0 watches more smoother

Jesse Han   2017.12.26 3:20   Jesse Han  

Have you upgraded your Android Wear smart watch to new Android Wear 2.0 version? Then you may be suffered from lag.

If you are undergoing this embarrassing situation, then there is an easy solution for you.

The problem is actually caused by Google Assistant, specifically this is because of the command of OK Google. So, by switching it off, your Android watch will has a big chance to get more smoother running speed.

Disable OK Google command

  • Activate your smart watch by tapping on the watch face
  • Swipe down from the top of the screen
  • Settings
  • Personalization
  • Switch OK Google off

With this way, you don’t completely disable Google Assistant, on this you just can’t say OK Google to call the assistant. The assistant still can be activated by pressing and holding the button.

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