(APP Download) Samsung Internet beta 6.4 has a renewed download manager

Jesse Han   2018.01.11 9:05   Jesse Han  

Samsung Internet, a pleasant browser app developed by the Korean giant Samsung. With new beta version of 6.4, the Korean company has recently brought a completely renewed download manager to this browser app.

In fact, although many companies integrate a default browser within their devices, those browsers remain unused due to the obvious disparity of performance and options in most cases. Samsung Internet, however, is a special exception thanks to the attention from Samsung.

With the beta version 6.4, you can find some interesting improvements, especially is download manager. The new download manager allows you to specifically manager the downloading of files. At the start of each download, you can customize the name of the file for saving, while at the end of the operation, a bar at the bottom will warn of the possibility to open the content.

Samsung has redesigned the download summary screen, you can review and manage all the history of current and past downloads. In case of longer downloads, the progress will appear as a notification, on this you can even pause the operation.

If you like these innovations, you can install the new beta version of Samsung browser directly from the Google Play store with the link below.

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