We should look at Android’s app permissions

Jesse Han   2018.01.22 6:49   Jesse Han  

From your Android device, an app can have different permissions, such as access to your contacts or microphone. That’s because the app need use some certain functions. For example, access to your microphone to store vice messages.

However, you should focus on what you actually give access to your apps. In other words, you should keep a close eye on your app permissions. For example, you have gave access to your location while the app actually does not need it, the app can therefore know where you are.

Some apps explain neatly why they need certain accesses during the installation, or you can usually get these rights in the Google’s digital store. To find this information, you can directly go to the page of the app in the Google Play.

This is often the case, we don’t know which app permission is required. It doesn’t matter, actually, you can choose not to give permission and see if the app still works. Of course, you can also restrict some permissions which you have gave to. You can easily do this by going to Settings, Apps & notifications and App permissions. It also may be in other menu, such as Permission manager of Settings.

Different app permissions

  • Microphone: the app can listen or even record the audio through the microphone
  • Contacts: the app can see your contacts
  • Location: the app can see your location
  • Storage: the app can access to your data
  • Phone: the app can make a call
  • Call log: the app can see your call log
  • Camera: the app can use your camera
  • Photo: the app can access to your gallery
  • Calendar: the app can see your agenda

Almost every time you install a new app, you will be asked for some certain permissions, then you should pay attention to read them, then think about whether the app really needs that permission.