The official TWRP recovery now available for OnePlus 5T

Jesse Han   2017.12.11 3:30   Jesse Han  

The Team Win development team has recently released the official TWRP to new OnePlus 5T. So you can now start your alternative development such as the flash of the various custom ROMs for the new model produced by OnePlus.

This is a stable version, the current version number is TWRP 3.2.1. So far no bugs were reported. If you don’t want to wait the release of the official version of the most famous custom recovery in the Android world, then it has already arrived. With the link below, you can download the standard TWRP IMG file for your OnePlus phone.

OnePlus 5T TWRP Download Directly

As I mentioned, the latest version is V3.2.1, you can therefore get the TWRP file twrp-3.2.1-0-dumpling.img.

As always, the installation of a custom recovery requires a prerequisite, you should know that it is the unlocking of the bootloader. This is actually a very simple operation for OnePlus devices. If you don’t know how to flash the TWRP IMG to your OnePlus 5T, you can refer to this guide I wrote for OnePlus 3T.OnePlus 5T