Make your Samsung Dex laptop

Jesse Han   2017.09.26 2:50   Jesse Han  

When passion, ingenuity and leisure are combined, it can throw a great party.

You know, there are laptops that support desktop mode made by Dex of Samsung in the market. And, as a Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+ user, do you want to build one to be able to use it anywhere with your Galaxy phone? Thanks xda community member kreal, you can do this thing.

The shell that contains the project is that of a 15 inches MacBook Pro of early 2008, after emptying the motherboard base, battery, fans, DVD player and other components, it started working to connect screen, keyboard and touchpad to Dex adapter.

You have to modify a controller that piloted the LCD for the screen, in this case, you know, VGA and DVI connectors are too often for using.Samsun.DeX.Set.LCD.Macbook

For the keyboard and touchpad, you have to weld some wires in order to create a USB connection.

For the over-bulky Dex base, the original developer preferred to fold on an alternative solution, that is the C-FORCE CF003.

After testing various configurations, and adding two battery packs, a power supply and a fan, it has been able to run everything.

If you are interested in this project, you can see the quality of the result by watching the video and browsing the gallery with the following links.

Make Samsung Dex laptop