(KDZ Download) LG has started to release new 20f Android 6.0 Marshmallow update to its G4 H815

Jesse Han   2016.04.17 10:35   Jesse Han  

Hours earlier I reported about the official 20c Android 6.0 Marshmallow update for LG G4c:

You got it? And now, LG has started to release a new Android 6.0 update for its G4 with product code is general H815. The update comes with build number 20f. This is not actually the first Android 6.x Marshmallow update of the LG G4 H815. Okay, now let’s look back together:

So, that’s mean the 20f update for G4 H815 is a minor update. But any way, this is a new firmware update, right?

Ready or not here is as always a single KDZ firmware package for you.

KDZs Download Directly

  • H81520f_00_0321.kdz

For KDZ’s installation, as ever, by using LG Flash Tool, a detailed guide for you.

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