Install TWRP 3.0 for Exynos version of Galaxy S7, including G930F, G930FD, G930X, G930S, G930W8

Jesse Han   2016.03.24 11:39   Jesse Han  

There was nothing but excitement for you when you first stepped onto the grounds of the TWRP Recovery of Galaxy S7. Feel good, we have to sincerely appreciate XDA senior member jcadduono.

This is the latest TWRP Recovery with version number 3.0 for your Samsung Galaxy S7. And yet for all that, we must ensure that we have a compatible model number for our Galaxy S7. On this your Galaxy S7 should be powered by Samsung own SoC generally called Exynos. If you have any specific problems and difficulties, you can get directly the relevant model number have been supported shown in the below:

  • SM-G930F
  • SM-G930FD
  • SM-G930X
  • SM-G930W8
  • SM-G930S

Looking further ahead, G930F, G930FD and G930X are model number for international Galaxy S7, G930S is for Korea variant, G930W8 is for Canada variant.

Well, are you ready?

TWRPs Download Directly

  • twrp-version-number-herolte.img.tar

As I mentioned, the TWRP recovery is currently version 3.0, so you can get the flashable TAR package called twrp-3.0.0-0-herolte.img.tar.

As you know, the file you got is a TAR package in format. Yes, we can install it by using Odin over a windows computer.

Install TAR Package By Using Odin
Odin Download Directly

While you can get a detailed guide from the above link, there is also a simple installation guide for you, so that you can not jump to another page if you have experience with TAR installation.

Simple Installation Guide


By the time, the TWRP Recovery has been installed on your Galaxy S7, but this is not all, because your phone won’t in fact boot to system normally. Barring unanticipated circumstances, you will get a prompt information prompting you to allow or reject system modifications, confirm it, then you will get dm-verity, on this you need to root your Galaxy S7 or flash a dm-verity patching file, otherwise you can not normally reboot your Galax S7.

(Options 1) Root Galaxy S7

(Options 2) Flash dm-verity Patching File

At this point, if you just want to normally reboot your Galaxy S7 to system, you should normally only flash a dm-verity patching file, you can get it from here that called

  • Transfer directly the dm-verity patching ZIP file you downloaded to your Galaxy S7 through MTP without leaving TWRP Recovery mode
  • From TWRP Recovery mode, Install the dm-verity patching ZIP file your transferred
  • Once the installation process is finished, reboot your Galaxy S7 by going to Reboot and System
  • Please wait for the rebooting is fully completed, it takes about 10 minutes, so please be patient and wait
About TWRP 3.0 For Galaxy S7
  • Supports for MTP, USB Mass Storage, micro SD Card, USB OTG Storage
  • Supports for f2fs, exFAT and NTFS file system
  • Supports for ADB root
  • Doesn’t supports for Samsung encryption

Congratulations to you!

Thanks XDA jcadduono