(APP Download) Enjoy Android P volume slider on your phone

Jesse Han   2018.03.14 6:32   Jesse Han  

Just a week ago, Google released the first Developer Preview of Android P. With the latest Android version, some novelties have been found by some tester. One of which is volume control widget.

The Android P volume controls give you a new look and a vertical positioning on the right side. If you like this new aesthetic, then you can now enjoy it on your Android device because of a new app developed by XDA-Developers senior member yogi.306.

The app is called Android P Volume Slider, which just released on the xda community. This is a very friendly new tool, it allows all smartphones running on Android 4.0 or later to show the new volume controls from Android P.

The new app is available on the XDA Lab in the form of free apps. You can also get download it from the Google Play store at a cost of $0.99.

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