Huawei Android device unlock bootloader officially

Jesse Han   2016.12.15 6:00   Jesse Han  

If you want to flash a custom Rom or other deep customization on your Android device, then in most cases, unlock bootloader is needed since it will make you able to control your device fully and you will get lots of new features.

Actually, the bootloader unlocking of Android devices is easier to do these days because more original equipment manufacturers officially permit it such as Sony and Google. At this point, the China’s Huawei company is certainly not a straggler in the ranks.

Well, if you’re planning on unlocking bootloader on your Huawei Android device, this is what I present you in this article. This is an official method for the bootloader unlocking of Huawei devices, so it has certain safety. There remain, however, good reasons to  be wary, because you know, safety isn’t guaranteed. And also, please kindly note that your personal data will be fully deleted after unlock bootloader.

Huawei Unlock Bootloader

We are using Windows computer, so you need one.

  1. Install Huawei Android USB Driver on your computer
  2. Please setup ADB on your computer
  3. Go into Log in to Huawei website:
  4. You are in Log in to Huawei 
  5. Log in to website with your Huawei ID
  6. You are in EMUI homepage
  7. Click on Download, then Unlock BootloaderEMUI.Download.Unlock.Bootloader
  8. You are in Reformatting Lock page, you can see the full Unlocking agreementEMUI.Download.Unlock.Bootloader.agreement
  9. Select I have read and accept all terms above at the very bottom and click on
  10. You are in Please provide the following information in order to apply for the unlock password page, please select your product type (Smartphone or Tablet), and enter the relevant information about your Huawei device which is needed to be unlocked, these information are Product Model, Product Serial number, Product IMEI or MEID and Product ID, then enter Verification code and click on Commit button on a blue backgroundEMUI.Download.Unlock.Bootloader.agreement.provide.information
  11. If everything is OK, then you can get your unlocking code (It should be 16-digit data). Here I assume your unlocking code has been provided successfully, please write down or copy your unlocking code to somewhere because we need to use it later
  12. Make sure you have enabled USB debugging on your Huawei device
  13. Connect your Huawei device to your computer with a USB cable, make sure your device is recognized by computer
  14. Open the command prompt on your computer, make sure your default path is ADB folder
  15. Type and run the below fastboot command to unlock the bootloader (Please note that you need to replace xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx with the actual unlock code you obtained
    fastboot oem unlock xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  16. The bootloader unlocking process will start automaticallyFastboot.boot.oem.unlock.xxxxx
  17. Once the bootloader unlocking is completed, your device will reboot automatically. Now you can verify your bootloader unlocking by typing and running fastboot command:
    fastboot oem get-bootinfo
  18. Once you see Boot Loader Lock State: UNLOCKED, your bootloader of device is unlocked successfullyverify.Fastboot.boot.oem.unlock

Now, it’s time to celebrate that. So congratulations and go celebrate!