How to simply setup or use ADB on Windows, Mac and Linux?

Jesse Han   2014.07.08 3:34   Jesse Han  

The ADB is very important in Android. This is known to all.

So, how we should simply setup or use it? Let us study together. Of course, you should install the correct drivers for your Android device first, such as Samsung USB Drivers, Sony USB Drivers and so on.

Setup or use ADB on Windows

  • Download adb file from here, and extract it, then move folder called adb to your C drive
  • Open a command prompt winodw using this method
  • Go to the C:\adb\ folder using CD command
  • Type adb command that is related

Setup or use ADB on Mac OS X

  • Download adb file from Google Code, it is, and extract it to your desktop
  • Open Terminal and type in:
    cd Desktop/Android/

    Please note: Android in the above command is the directory extracted form downloaded file
  • And then type in:

Now your adb files are installed at /usr/bin/ on your Mac.

Setup or use ADB on Linux

The method is very similar to Mac OS X.