How to Flash FTF firmware file using Xperia Flashtool on your Sony Xperia device?

Jesse Han   2014.10.28 8:53   Jesse Han  

You know Xperia Flashtool? you are not familiar with the working of it? OK, we will solve it in this tutorial.

First of all you need to thank Androxyde for the Xperia Flashtool. Yes, Xperia Flashtool is not an official tool from Sony.  

Before you follow this tutorial, you need to download and install the latest Xperia Flashtool, currently it is v0.9.18.2.

And then you need to install Sony USB driver on your computer.


Sony Xperia device Flash FTF firmware using Xperia Flashtool

  • Now for Flashing your Xperia device, please place .ftf firmware file in the firmware folder located in the Xperia Flashtool folderSony.FTF.on.Xperia.Flashtool.firmwares.fold
  • Now run Xperia Flashtool on you computer, you will see a lightning icon, click on it, on the Bootmode chooser pop-up, choose Flashmode, click OKFlashmode.on.Xperia.Flashtool
  • On the Firmware Selector pop-up, confirm or select your FTF firmware file, from the Wipe section, choose what you want to wipe, such as DATA, CACHE and more, we recommend you choose all of them, now for flashing, click on Flash buttonFirmware.Selector.on.Xperia.Flashtool
  • Now you will see Wait for Flashmode pop-up, and you need to follow the prompts:
    Unplug the device (Disconnect your Xperia device from your computer)
    Power off the device
    Press the back button (This means hold down Back button in old Xperia devices and Volume Down button in new Xperia devices)
    Plug the USB cable (While holding the Back or Volume Down button connect your Xperia device to your computer)Wait.for.Flashmode.on.Xperia.Flashtool
  • The flashing process will start, please wait until it is finished