How to hide sensitive notifications on your Android device

Jesse Han   2018.01.25 6:21   Jesse Han  

Today’s smartphones have almost been protected by a fingerprint scanner, face unlock or other security. These securities prevent someone else access your data. However, your phone is probably not completely protected, because you know, most Android smartphones have sensitive notifications on the lock screen by default. This involves the privacy risks, because these sensitive notifications are visible on your lock screen without having to unlock your device.

So, hiding your Android notifications is obviously very important.

Fortunately, there is an friendly option that offers better protection for notifications on your Android device. You can hide the contents of your notifications on almost all Android smartphones. In other words, you only see which apps have new notifications, but the content only becomes visible when you unlock your device.

Hide sensitive notifications on Android phones

  • Go to Settings menu
  • Then Sound & notification
  • Then you should can find the When device is locked, its title may be Lock screen, this all depends on your Android phone, Android version and manufacturer
  • There please tap on the When device is locked or similar option, you can see a few new option, such as Show all notification content, Hide sensitive notification content and Don’t show notifications at all
  • As you know, you can select Hide sensitive notification to protect your notifications

Please kindly note that almost all manufacturers make adjustments to Android, as a result, the exact title of some options may be different. Such as, it may be located in Settings, Lock screen and security, Notifications on lock screen. Any way, as I mentioned, it all depends on your device.