Freely register or create a Huawei ID

Jesse Han   2016.12.14 12:42   Jesse Han  

If you have a Huawei phone, tablet or other handset, you need a Huawei ID.

Huawei ID is actually an account, with it, you can easily access all Huawei services, for example, you can log in to Huawei’s web store, website, forum with your Huawei ID. Another example, when you want to unlock Huawei Android device’s bootloader, you need your Huawei ID, and more.

It is fairly simple to register or create a Huawei ID, but we still write the guide for you. For this, we register it by Email.

Register or Create Huawei ID

  1. You need a Email account, such as Gmail
  2. Please go into Huawei’s Register_Email website:
  3. You are in Create Your Huawei ID
  4. Obtain verification code by Email, please enter your Email address and click on Obtain codeCreate.Your.Huawei.ID.Obtain.code
  5. Please go into your Email, you will find a new mail named Huawei ID AuthCode from Huawei (, open it, you will see authcodeCreate.Your.Huawei.ID.Auth.code
  6. Enter authcode you just got in Verification code sectionCreate.Your.Huawei.ID.Enter.Auth.code
  7. Set your password and select your country or
  8. Click on the colored Register button at the very bottomCreate.Your.Huawei.ID.Register
  9. Your Huawei ID is now registered successfully, you will see your information on the Account Profile pageHuawei.ID.Account.Profile

You can set your Mobile number, Account protection, Security verification phone number and more from Account Profile page.

Good job! Now you have a Huawei ID.