Flash the stock KDZ firmware for your LG phone or tablet by using LG Flash Tool

Jesse Han   2016.03.25 6:54   Jesse Han  

Manually flash a stock KDZ firmware package is probably not the easiest task for many LG users. If you own a LG phone or tablet, I believe the KDZ firmware file maybe looks familiar to you.

You’re probably asking: “So why would I use KDZ firmware package for my LG phone or tablet, and why would I bother to flash it?”. Obviously, I would be interested on reading your input in general on this topic.

By flashing KDZ firmware package, you can manually update your LG phone or tablet to the latest system version as soon as possible since the directly OTA update notification is always arrived piecemeal. The KDZ firmware file is also a tool help you fix phone or tablet’s problems like soft bricked, boot loop, and more. You can also let your LG phone or tablet revert to the stock or primitive state over KDZ firmware.

At the moment we typically use a Windows application tool called LG Flash Tool for flashing the KDZ firmware package to our LG devices. The is analogous to flashing a Sony FTF firmware over Xperia Flashtool.

So, how we should use LG Flash Tool to flash a LG KDZ firmware? That’s why I write this guide to you today.

Preparatory Work

Flash KDZ Firmware

  • Please enable USB debugging of your LG devices 
  • Power off your LG devices
  • Reboot your LG devices to Download or Firmware Update mode, you can usually do it by connecting your LG device to your computer when pressing and holding down Volume Up and Volume Down keys or only Volume Up or Volume Down keyLG.Download.Firmware.Update.mode 
  • Unzip the LG Flash Tool you downloaded, you final get lots of tool files like LGFlashtool2014.exe, LGUserCSTool.exe, etc.
  • Run LGFlashtool2014.exe, if you cannot run it, that’s probably because the Visual C++ Runtime Library has not been installed correctly
  • On LG Flash Tool window, Select Type is CDMA, PhoneMode is DIAG, they are actually default options
  • Select your KDZ firmware package like xxxxx_xx.kdz by clicking on the opening folder icon to the right side of Select KDZ file section
  • Click on Normal Flash or CSE Flash (Most of the time, you use this) to flash your KDZ firmware file
    Normal Flash, your data will not be lost, it is only for fixing system error
    CSE Flash, your data will be lost fully, this is a fresh installation, you should use this flash option if you need to install or update system
  • You will see a new window called Read Phone Information
  • On Read Phone Information window, click on START button at the lower right-hand corner to start your flashingLG.Flash.Tool.2014.Read.Phone.Information.Start
  • You will see a new window called Select Country & Language
  • On Select Country & Language window, select your Country and Language, if no desired option is provided, the default option is Republic of Korea for Country option and Korean for Language option respectively, you should change the Country option from Republic of Korea to Different Country, and change the Language option to your language like English, unless you need to use Korean. Please don’t select the Smart Phone upgrade (Windows mobile) optionLG.Flash.Tool.2014.Select.Country.Langauage
  • Click on OK button to confirm your flashing
  • Wait for the flashing process is completed
  • You may get a error prompt information that says Connection to server failed when the flashing process arrives 100%, please ignore it and do not disconnect your LG devices
  • Please keep waiting until your LG devices automatically reboot, the whole flashing process may need about 10 minutes, be patient, please

Well, one last word, if you sincerely meant that studier, the success of taste congratulations!