Flash LG stock KDZ firmware via the LGUP tool

Jesse Han   2016.05.10 9:09   Jesse Han  

I want to talk today about a new flashing guide for LG devices. And check out my coverage of LG flashing guide before we get started:

As you know, that is, we have been getting by with LG Flash Tool.

And today’s new tool is LGUP. So, what is the LGUP tool? In the matter of fact, LGUP tool is very similar to the LG Flash Tool. However, LGUP tool is more straightforward and pleasurable to work with.

Well, with pleasure, let’s begin, we take the latest Android flagship LG G5 as an example. Here our task is to flash the recent 10C KDZ firmware update to our global variant (also Open Europe variant) of LG G5 H850 by using LGUP tool.

LGUP tool Download Directly

Get LG G5 H850 10C KDZ Firmware
LG G5 H850 DLL Download
Flashing Process (Windows)
  • Make sure you have already installed the correct LG driver on your computer
  • Unzip the LGUP tool you downloaded to your computer, you will get the installation package file called LGUP_Lab_Frame_Ver_1_10.msi, please install it to your computer
  • Unzip the LG G5 H850 DLL file, install the LGH850_DLL.msi to your computer
  • Power Off your LG device
  • Boot your LG device into Download Mode, you can do this by connecting the device to your computer while pressing the Volume Up button
  • Now open the LGUP tool on your computer, the tool will automatically recognize your LG device, then the device will be listed on the LGUP toolLGUP.H850
  • Check BIN File, then locale the correct KDZ firmware file H85010c_00_OPEN_EU_OP_0415.kdzLGUP.H850.BIN.KDZ
  • Select the Refurbish option in Process area. At this point, the Refurbish option, this is a CSE Flash, that’s mean all user data will be deleted, to the Upgrade option, this is a general flash, all user data still keeping, to the FOTA Upgrade option, it is a normal OTA flash, in other words, it is not a full flash, and I do not suggest using itLGUP.Process.Options
  • (You might now need to do this step) Close the LGUP tool, and then reopen it
  • Now click on the Start button to start your flash 
  • Wait for the flashing process to be completed

Have great fun flashing!