Fix download failed or only blank page for official LG KDZ CAB TOT firmware by setting LGE ActiveDP 0.9

Jesse Han   2016.12.12 9:48   Jesse Han  

Did you to download the official KDZ, TOT or CAB firmware from LG’s firmware server these days, if you did that, then chances are that you will be depressed. Why is the case this? As you might have guessed, it’s not that easy, actually you will not be able to officially download the firmware. The reality is, when you click on a downloading link of the LG firmware, you only see the blank page, or it didn’t respond. 

You know, all along we can download the firmware file from LG’s server, LG shut its firmware server now? Fear not! LG is not closing its doors to the firmware server. LG has made only limited accesses of downloading firmware available to its users. So, we can overcome the limits.

In this article, we will learn how to fix the downloading problem of LG firmware server by setting a new user agent called LGE-ActiveDP/0.9 on your Chrome browser.

Fix LG Firmware Download Problem

  • Make sure you are using Chrome browser on your computer
  • Install User-Agent Switcher for Chrome plugin to your Chrome browserUser_Agent_Switcher_For_Chrome_Browser
  • From address bar of Chrome, enter and run:
  • You are now in the Extensions page of Chrome, you can see the new User-Agent Switcher for Chrome plugin, open Options pageUser_Agent_Switcher_For_Chrome_Browser_Add_Extensions_Options
  • From the Options page, set a new user agent: LGE for New User-agent name, LGE-ActiveDP/0.9 for New User-Agent String, LGE for Group, Replace for Append? and LG for Indicator Flag, then click on Add buttonUser_Agent_Switcher_For_Chrome_Browser_Add_Extensions_Options_LGE_DP0P9_Add
  • Now we need to use new LGE user agent, please close out of the Chrome and restart it
  • Click on the User-Agent Switcher for Chrome icon in the top right corner of Chrome browser, select LGE, select LGEUser_Agent_Switcher_For_Chrome_Browser_Add_Extensions_Options_LGE_DP0P9_LGE_USE
  • Good job, you can now download firmware file from LG’s firmware serverUser_Agent_Switcher_For_Chrome_Browser_Add_Extensions_Options_LGE_DP0P9_LGE_USE_Download_Start

Luck in the hands of your own, try to download as soon as possible!