Enable OEM unlock on your Android 5.0 or higher device

Jesse Han   2016.03.10 8:49   Jesse Han  

Google has started using a new OEM unlock option Android 5.0 Lollipop. What kind of option is it?

The OEM unlock or OEM unlocking, which is a security option, that help protect bootloader unlocking of Android device. That just means you can unlock bootloader of your Android device only when the OEM unlock option is enabled. Otherwise isn’t contrary.

In other words, if you need to unlock bootloader for your Android 5.0+ device, you have to enable OEM unlock fist.

So, how we should enable OEM unlock on our Android 5.0+ device? Here is to provide answer.

Enable OEM unlock

  • Enable Developer options on your Android 5.0+ device
  • Go to Developer options
  • Scroll down and select the OEM unlock, or OEM unlocking, or Enable OEM unlock you found

OK, whether or not you need to unlock bootloader for your Android 5.0+ device? Don’t forget to make OEM unlock available, if need be.

Enjoy it!