(DLOAD Download) Huawei GR5 L21 getting B130 Android 5.1 Lollipop update

Jesse Han   2016.03.18 5:44   Jesse Han  

You know Huawei GR5? The phone with model number KII-L21 is now getting a new Android 5.1 Lollipop firmware, which comes with build number L21C636B130, EMUI version number is 3.1, release date is February 15, 2016.

The B130 firmware update for Huawei GR5 L21 is confirmed in Vietnam. It should eventually expand into other countries or regions soon.

As usual, there is the full firmware package for you, the file is standard dload file in format. In other words, even if you don’t have a stock update notification, you can also get the update by flashing dload firmware package.

DLOADs Download Directly

  • KII-L21C636B130.zip


Please make sure the model number of the Huawei GR5 is KII-L21 before flash.

Flash DLOAD Firmware Package

Also, if you are no stranger to the installation of DLOAD firmware, here is a simple guide for you, but I am not sure whether it is right.

Simple Installation Guide
  • Unzip the DLOAD firmware file you downloaded
  • Transfer the dload folder you unzipped to the root folder of your Huawei GR5’s storage
  • Make sure your Huawei GR5 is disconnected from computer
  • Power off your Huawei GR5
  • Power on your Huawei GR5 by pressing and holding Volume Up, Volume Down and Power buttons
  • The installation will begin