Disable Bixby button on Galaxy S8, S8 Plus and Note 8

Jesse Han   2017.09.20 5:07   Jesse Han  

In the last few hours, Samsung released a Bixby update for Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+. The update finally introduced the possibility of disabling the voice button.

Bixby button is the key dedicated to Samsung’s virtual server called Bixby. If you are not interested in Bixby, the easiest way is obviously to disable the button. So, how do you feel about it? Would you disable it? Or do you accidentally press Bixby button on your Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+?

Bixby virtual assistant is actually a new voice service, which has been placed on the major Samsung smartphones of the year including Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8 families. In order to more easily launch the service at any time, the Korean company gave a physical button on the side of the device.

However, as we all know, not every user like it as much. As a result, it may happen that you accidentally press it, then you will immediately see Bixby interface and you will lose the app that was currently opened.

Actually, earlier this year, there were apps that could change the functionality of Bixby button, such as Bixby Button Remapper. However, Samsung quickly blocked those apps. And now, the Korean giant seems to think differently, as mentioned, you can disable Bixby button with the latest Bixby update.

Disable Bixby button

  • First make sure you have updated the latest version of Bixby
  • Open Bixby and scroll up to the top
  • Tap on the gear icon at the top right of the screen to open Settings
  • Just disable Bixby keyHello.Bixby.Bixby.key

Please kindly note that this is just a partial disabling. In other words, we can still active Bixby voice assistant through voice. Actually, we can even use Bixby by pressing and holding down Bixby button again.