ATT Galaxy S5 G900AUCU4BOF2 Android 5.0 Lollipop Rom is rooted

Jesse Han   2015.07.08 10:45   Jesse Han  

I want to build a very friendly help for the your ATT Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900A. Well, during the period of you need think of me? No, no, please don’t thank me, it’s XDA senior member muniz_ri’s work.

You need a rooted G900AUCU4BOF2 (hereafter referred to as OF2) update? OK, there is a rooted G900AUCU4BOF2 rom, which is flashable ZIP firmware file. At this point, you can flash it by using application called Flash Fire developed by super developer Chainfire .

muniz_ri Rooted OF2 Firmware Download Directly


The above rom is full stock except rooted.

Have you tried Flash Fire? Then, this is a simple affair. You know, this is not a very hard time.

Flash Fire Download From Google Play
  • eu.chainfire.flash

Because the Flash Fire application is still in the stage of testing, you may need to join the community from the below Google+ page:


However, you may need a little guide. Now and then we all need a little help, so there is a small favor for you. I hope you enjoy this guide, and that is my honor.

Flash this rooted OF2 rom, you need OA1’s boot loader.

TARs Download Directly (OA1 Boot Loader)
  • G900A_OA1_Bootloader.tar.md5

You know, because we need to use Flash Fire, which requires root access, your ATT Galaxy S5 must be rooted. That’s mean, your phone is currently running on NCE Android 4.4 Kitkat firmware version since it can be rooted.

TARs Download Directly (NCE Firmware)
  • G900A_Downgrade_to_NCE.rar

If your phone is running on NCE Android 4.4 Kitkat version, you can root it by using Towelroot.

In other words, to flash the latest OF2 rom with root, if your phone is running on other firmware version, like OA1, you can downgrade it to NCE Android 4.4 Kitkat version. However, if is already OF2, which is currently the latest update, and also OC4, you will can’t downgrade it, then you will can’t get root access now. You must understand it, this is an important first step.

TARs Installation

muniz_ri Rooted OF2 Firmware Installation

  • Your phone must be rooted
  • Install Flash Fire application to your phone, you can get it from Google Play store
  • Your phone must be OA1’s boot loader
  • Transfer the rooted OF2 rom file to your phone
  • Run Flash Fire application on your phone, confirm it for root permission, as you know, tap Grant
  • Confirm the disclaimer by tapping Agree
  • Tap + sign
  • Tap Flash ZIP or OTAFlash.Fire.Flash.ZIP.or.OTA
  • Locate OF2 rom file
  • Uncheck Auto-mount option, then tap V sign at top right cornerFlash.Fire.Auto.mount
  • Tap EverRoot, then uncheck all options, like Inject SuperSU, Enable ADB, and more, then tap V sign at top right cornerFlash.Fire.EverRoot
  • Tap FLASH at the bottom of the screenFlash.Fire.FLASH
  • Tap OK
  • Wait patiently