ATT BlackBerry Priv receiving the latest Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow update

Jesse Han   2016.07.15 12:51   Jesse Han  

Perhaps it is time to move on? Hey, wait, please. The latest Android Marshmallow version is coming.

As a BlackBerry Priv user, you blame BlackBerry for ATT’s brutal customer service? That’s quite understandable, why ATT is so slow to push out system update? We have been looking forward to Android Marshmallow. Okay, today is finally happened, Android Marshmallow is now starting to hit BlackBerry Priv on ATT (Model number is STV100-1) .

ATT is currently pushing out the latest Android 6.0.1 update for its BlackBerry Priv owners. Beyond the latest Android Marshmallow version, the update brings the latest build number AAF355, kernel version 3.10.84-perf-gdf13c1fec_agent@br628cnc #1 and baseband version MPSS.BO.2.6.2.c2-00007-M8994FAAAANAZM-1.55185.2.

The update introduced many improvements, which including applied new June Android security patch from Google, enhanced BlackBerry Keyboard, better Notification, more Battery life & storage, updated Camera, enhanced Privacy and security like Customized Personal Data Permissions, Clearer Notification Settings, and S/MIME Support.

The OTA for the update is very big, it is 1.4GB in size. You know, this is not surprising as an very important update. That’s mean you need an available Wi-Fi network to receive the update.

If you have not yet received the update, you can manually check it by going to  Settings, About Phone, System Updates, Check for updates. Once you find the update you looking for, simply follow the on-screen prompts to download and install it.

Thanks ATT