ARKit apps have landed on the App Store successively

Jesse Han   2017.09.21 14:35   Jesse Han  

Have you updated the final version of iOS 11.0? Then you can get started with augmented reality (AR). You know, iOS 11 offers support for ARKit, which is one of the biggest addition of the latest iOS version. That’s mean that app creators can developer AR apps and we can use them.

ARKit is Apple’s framework for augmented reality. And at this moment, the apps which use this new AR technology developed by Apple have successively arrived. So, what ARKit apps are now really active? Well, that’s why you came here, right?

Actually, there are now more and more ARKit apps available on App Store. And of course, it is impossible to mention all of them. So let’s look at some of them.

ARKit apps

AR MeasureKit, developed by Rinat Khanov. This is a measuring app, it allows you to do a lot of physical measuring tools. But actually, you do not need those tools anymore, you get virtual tools that measure different things. Although the free version only gives you a ruler, you have a fresh trying at least. You can get AR MeasureKit from App Store.AR.MeasureKit

Paint Space AR, developed by Zane Assets LLC. The app lets you sign in your area. You can do this by drawing lines on you screen, then they hang around the world and around you. Also, you can freely get Paint Space AR, and the free version allows you write and draw in simple style.Paint.Space.AR

Dubface, developed by Futurefly. With Dubface, you can take a selfie, then the app creates a 3D-look of it. Then you place your head on a variety of different figures. Then you look at a version of yourself. Frankly, Dubface should be the word’s first augmented reality sticker app. So needless to say, directly download it from App Store and enjoy it.Dubface