(APP Download) Google Maps Go is a lighter navigation app

Jesse Han   2017.12.15 14:01   Jesse Han  

At the beginning of this month, Android Go appeared. For the new version of the mobile operating system aimed at emerging markets, Google has modified several apps like Files Go to fit this lighter Android version.

And now, Google Maps Go has been added to Google’s digital store. The app is optimized for less powerful hardware, then you know, even cheap smartphones can also run the Google’s navigation service without problems. This is obviously useful for Android devices with a limited memory. Moreover, Maps Go is more energy-efficient.

Just like in the regular version of Google Maps, you can get directions and a map where you can zoom in and out. The app also works for public transport and going on foot.

Although Google Maps Go is landed in the Google Play store, it is only available on very few devices. In the app store, you will probably see a notice that this app is compatible with none of your devices.

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Although the software is mainly focused on emerging markets, Maps Go is also interesting for these users who like a simple app experiences.Google.Maps.Go