(APP Download) Google launched AR Stickers for Pixel series

Jesse Han   2017.12.12 3:55   Jesse Han  

Google has released new AR Stickers app to its Pixel and Pixel 2. These stickers are actually new exclusive functions for the new Google branded smartphones. This is therefor for Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL.

With arrived AR stickers, small animated characters in augmented reality can be inserted in photos and videos through the appropriate mode present in the camera app of Pixel series.

Technologically, from now on, you can choose between strange forms of animated food called Foodmoji, custom texts and characters from famous TV series or film sagas like Star Wars. You know, this should be the beginning, Google will bring other things in the coming weeks.

To be able to use the new functions, you must have already updated your Pixel phone to the latest Android 8.1 Oreo version. On this, after this Android update, there are two new apps named ARCore and AR Stickers dedicated to augmented reality will be present on your phone and they will be integrated with the camera app to allow you to use the new AR effects.ARCore

So do you have one of pixel devices with the latest Android version? Then all you have to do is open the camera app and enable the AR Sticker mode, then choose a sticker pack and place your favorite character and make a photo or video.

According to some reports, the stickers work well. It is especially nice that the virtual characters you place also interact with each other.AR.Stickers

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