(APP Download) BetterBatteryStats now supports unrooted device with ADB commands

Jesse Han   2018.03.13 7:10   Jesse Han  

BetterBatteryStats has recently been updated to the new version number 2.3, it introduced a really important improvement, that is which will fully support unrooted devices with a preliminary configuration that uses simple ADB commands listed on the app’s play store page.

For those who don’t know BetterBatteryStats, it is actually a super instrument. With it, you can constantly keep under control the consumption of your Android phone. On this, for example, you can limit your Android phone only charge to 95%. However, it has never been a service for everyone, because it is a paid application.

The latest update brings also native support for Android version of Oreo, as well as various optimizations to UI, and greater compatibility with substratum themes. It adds also application analytics. Any way, this is really a big update.

If you like the app, you can quickly reach its play store page through the link below.

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Basically, BetterBatteryStats requires root permissions to work. Then, as I mentioned, full support to devices without root privileges, you have to have a preliminary ADB skill.BetterBatteryStats