(APK Download) Team Win released an official TWRP applicaiton

Jesse Han   2016.12.17 5:30   Jesse Han  

If you like to experiment on your Android phone, such flash a custom Rom, install a custom mod, etc. Then, you surely know that TWRP Recovery is an immensely popular mod tool.

And today, the original development team of TWRP Recovery has officially released a TWRP application.

With this official TWRP application, you can be alerted to rapidly update your TWRP Recovery when new TWRP version is available for your device. With this sort of functionality, you can download and install the latest TWRP Recovery by TWRP app. Of course, to achieve this amazing function, you need root permission. On this, you can also flash the image. For non-root users, you can perform version checking. In other words, you can install this new TWRP app, even if your Android devices is non-rooted.

You can now get this new TWRP application from Google Play if you want. If you can’t access Google Play, there is single APK package for you.


Official TWRP Application Download Directly

Download the above ZIP file, unzip it, then install APK file me.twrp.twrpapp-13.apk just like before.