(APK Download) Sony Video v9.2.A.0.6 brings explore other content during playback

Jesse Han   2015.05.27 4:15   Jesse Han  

Sony has updated its movie application Video from previous version number 9.1.A.0.8 to newer 9.2.A.0.6.

Sony Video v9.2.A.0.6 is a cool update, because it brings two important improvements:

  • Explore other content during playback. Swipe down to shrink the video player with playback ongoing. Swipe up to maximize it again. Swipe left to dismiss the video
  • When you interrupt video playback by pressing the home icon, just tap the Video app icon on Xperia home or application screen to activate the player directly and resume the video playback

APKs Download Directly

Normally unzip the above file, and then install sony.video-9.2.A.0.6.apk just as a normal APK file.