(APK Download) Sony TrackID has been updated to new v4.1.A.3.3

Jesse Han   2015.04.30 17:07   Jesse Han  

Sony has updated its music recognition application TrackID to a newer version number 4.1.A.3.3, which moved from version number 4.1.B.3.2 just half month ago.

The update is only a small bugs fixing update compared with the previous version.

According to Sony, the change log for TrackID v4.1.A.3.3 is still the following points:

  • Faster recognition speed
  • New UI with Material Design style
  • Synchronisation of your search history across different devices using Facebook or Sony ID
  • Support for Android Wear and Sony SmartBand Talk SWR30
  • General bug fixes

APKs Download Directly

Unzip, and then install Sony.TrackID-4.1.A.3.3.apk just as a normal APK.

In addition, Sony has recently also updated Video v9.1.A.0.8, PlayStation Video v13.2.A.1.2 and Xperia Home v8.0.A.1.0.