(APK Download) Sony has updated Movies application to v8.0.A.0.4

Jesse Han   2014.11.04 2:07   Jesse Han  

Sony has released a new update for the Movies application, it brings the new version number 8.0.A.0.4, which updated from version number 7.3.A.0.2.

  • Get more functions in a simpler player. The Movies application lets you watch videos on the biggest screen possible. Just tap the “Open” icon on player screen to view the various options
  • It brings support for the “Movies Small App” in some Xperia devices and it can play a variety of video formats. In the Movies application, tap the “Movies Small App” icon in the player bar, to play video in minimum size, e.g. when checking your social networks or browsing the web

To use the “Movies Small App” function, download and install the “Movies Small App”. However, the official service is temporarily unavailabe.   

APKs Download Directly

Unzip, then install SemcVideo.8.0.A.0.4.apk just like any other APK.