(APK Download) Sony has updated its Video application to newer v9.1.A.0.8

Jesse Han   2015.04.29 4:37   Jesse Han  

Following Xperia Home v8.0.A.1.0 and PlayStation Video v13.2.A.1.2, Sony Video v9.1.A.0.8 is also now releasing.

According to the Sony, Video v9.1.A.0.8 has been made to a few new updates:

  • Improved layout of main view and Devices in drawer menu
  • Improved application stability
  • General bug fixes

The new application update is available via Update Center on your Xperia device, if you aren’t able to receive an automatic update, here is a natural APK file for you.

APKs Download Directly

Unzip the .zip file, then install sony.video-9.1.A.0.8.apk just like any other APK.