(APK Download) Root Checker help you to confirm whether your Android device is rooted

Jesse Han   2016.12.28 2:22   Jesse Han  

I already rooted my Android phone, but I don’t know whether the phone is really rooted. At this point, how do we confirm our Android device have root access? I think Root Checker is one of the simplest ways.

The Root Checker, a simple Android application developed by joeykrim, APK package is less than 3MB in size. However, it’s very useful, it’s fascinating, even exciting. By using Root Checker, you can easily know whether or not your Android device is rooted.Root.Checker.sample

The Root Checker application has a friendly interface, operating briefly and conveniently and the users can master the operation quickly.

As a standard Android application, it’s very easy to install it to your Android device. Generally, you can get the application from Google Play. If you can’t access Play store, there is standard v3.0.1 APK package for you.Root.Checker

APKs Download Directly

Unzip ZIP file you downloaded, then install APK file org.freeandroidtools.root_checker-3.0.1-2285.apk just like a normal Android application.

Actually, if you have superuser manager SuperSU is installed, then your Android device is most likely rooted. For this, SuperSU v2.79 SR1 is currently available.