(APK Download) Let’s use the Astro File Manager again

Jesse Han   2017.09.19 3:32   Jesse Han  

For those of you who love the Android world, more or less from the beginning, Astro File Manager is a super file manager that recalls many memories.Astro.file.manager

This file manager gives you not only pure fun, but also sometimes almost necessary to make your device work decently. Actually, in the past, Astro was the most widespread file manager application. It was even inevitable for every flash of a new custom Rom. It was excellent stability and included many features that made it stand out amongst rivals.

As time goes on, Android has evolved a lot and there were now the number of applications on Google’s digital store. And as you know, we can now get many available file manager apps, such as Solid Explorer. However, it is often the case in the world, Astro was failed to keep up with the times on the ridge of the wave.

Fortunately, now Astro tries to restart itself. The version 6.0 of Astro File Manager has been launched in form of beta just a few days ago. The new version is focusing on a completely renewed and ultimately modern interface. Perhaps it has a bit of clout for these users who like the nostalgic effect.

The Astro File Manager 6.0 Beta version includes a more flat taste for the icons, it has a colored bar and touches material design style. There is also a new home screen for the app.

The latest beat version is currently available on the beta channel of Google Play. Of course, you can also directly download the natural APK file from the link below.

APKs Download Directly

Unzip the ZIP file, and then install APK file com.metago.astro_6.0.0-2017080116.apk just like a normal APK app file.