(APK Download) HTC has today released Vive Phone Companion app for its Steam VR headset Vive

Jesse Han   2016.04.07 11:56   Jesse Han  

At the moment, it looks like the future of Virtual Reality (VR for short) technology could be more diverse and volatile than anyone had imagined. And HTC is just outstanding at it. The company’s Steam VR headset HTC Vive has aroused widespread concern in the industry since it was released.


To make things even nicer, HTC has today released a dedicated companion application called Vive Phone Companion for Vive VR headset.


With Vive Phone Companion, you can get essential notifications like incoming calls, text messages, calendar reminders and more in the world of VR after connect your Android phone with your HTC Vive. In other words, even in the playing of VR, you have all the power, you won’t miss important information that you want to see. Yeah, you don’t need to interrupt play.


Your notifications will pop up and appear in the Vive tab on your System Dashboard. Of course, you can see them later.

The Vive Phone Companion v1.00 is currently available for download on the Google Play, you can also directly get APK file from below link.

APKs Download Directly

Normally extract the above ZIP package, and simply install htc.vivephoneservice_1.00.738297(640dpi).apk just as in the past. It’s just notes that your phone is at least running on Android 4.4.